Buy Defaulted Loan Portfolios Securely

Easily access and purchase debt portfolios from a wide range of reputable UK creditors.

Why Get EverChain Certified?

Joining the EverChain UK Certified Network means that debt purchasers gain access to a wide selection of debt portfolios, from various trusted UK creditors. And with our standardised compliance and due diligence checks, creditors will automatically know that the debt buyers in our network are reputable.

Debt buyers will be notified when new portfolios are added to the network which meet their purchasing preferences and requirements. They can also enjoy seamless debt sale transactions and a comprehensive post-sale experience.

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EverChain’s technology enables debt buyers to level the playing field during the debt sales process

Triple Blind Bidding

Here at EverChain UK, we offer a level playing field to our buyers. As we have a triple blind bidding process, things like the size or eminence of a debt purchaser won’t be an unconscious factor when creditors agree to a sale. All bids are kept private and confidential.

So that buyers can make informed decisions about auction bids, they’ll have access to detailed portfolio stratification reports, as well as seller due diligence. Essentially, EverChain UK providers debt purchasers everything they need to assess and form judgement on individual debt portfolios.

Quick and Compliant Debt Sale

When a debt buyer joins the EverChain UK Certified Network, because they don’t need to complete due diligence for every lender, the debt sale process is much more streamlined. As members of our Certified Network have already undergone a complete compliance review, the deal process can move forward quickly and efficiently.

Deals which are concluded via our platform have been found to typically take half the time of a traditional sale, from listing to closing. Such expediency increases the efficiency of the debt sale process and allows buyers and sellers to concentrate on their next steps, rather than the transaction itself.

Quick and Compliant Deal Flow with EverChain
EverChain debt buying process

The Debt Buying Process

Here at EverChain UK, we’ve worked hard to simplify the debt purchasing process. There are only a few steps to take for debt purchasers to gain access to a wide range of debt portfolios, whilst minimising due diligence efforts.

EverChain UK’s five step process for debt purchasing are as follows:

Join Our Certified Network

To complete the EverChain UK certification process, you’ll need to submit a debt buyer application, and provide the requested compliance information.

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Review Available Portfolios

You can now view the current portfolios available and get alerts when new ones are added to the network which meet your organisation’s criteria.

Analyse & Strategise

The next step is to conduct a review of any portfolios you’re interested in. You can then establish your bid using our data partner network.

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Close the Sale

After the bid has been accepted, you can execute sale documents through our platform before receiving the final file.

Rely On Post-Sale Support

We offer help and support to our buyers and sellers, ensuring all post-sale concerns are safely and securely handled.

Are You Ready to Join EverChain UK’s Certified Network?