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Our Story

The Launch of EverChain

EverChain launched in the US in 2012, with the main aim of reforming the debt sale industry, which at the time was flawed and inefficient. After a debt portfolio had been sold, lenders effectively had no knowledge or control over how these consumers were treated. And due to new regulations, selling debt became such a complex undertaking that many lenders felt it was easier to see defaulted accounts as a cost of business, simply cutting their losses. 

It was in this climate that EverChain was born, bringing a cutting edge technology platform onto the market. This platform was built for the secure management and execution of compliant debt sales transactions. The EverChain Certified Debt Buyer and Collection Agency Network were also established at this time, in order to improve the integrity of the debt sale process.

One of the key things EverChain identified as being an issue in the debt sale process was post-sale management. The business therefore built a management system into the existing platform, which would overcome such issues. As an organisation, EverChain is constantly evolving processes and technologies to meet the needs of their clients.

Our Story - EverChain

EverChain UK

After the roaring success of EverChain in the United States, it only made sense to bring our innovative solution of compliant debt sale to the UK market. While we operate as an independent business unit, we continue to be under the EverChain umbrella.

Just like EverChain, EverChain UK focuses on providing creditors with compliant recovery solutions, and furnishing debt buyers with the platform to purchase suitable portfolios. The expansion into the UK market means that creditors in the UK can look to sell their defaulted portfolios compliantly and safely. A number of the world’s leading consumer creditors already rely on the EverChain platform to monitor or sell their uncollected receivables, and UK expansion opens doors to potential future growth.


At EverChain UK, our mission is to remove risk across the board, whilst ensuring the consumer is always protected.

Our Partnership

Our professional services and state-of-the-art cloud-based platform have helped connect hundreds of like minded organisations. Each of these companies share a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism within the industry. We enable financial services companies to achieve their receivables management goals by monetising their underperforming accounts. 

Our sellers are empowered to manage the entire sales process, including unparalleled post-sale oversight for the life of the accounts. Unlike our competitors, EverChain UK is there even after the sale is complete, ensuring that the post-sale reality matches all pre-sale expectations, along with the compliance standards we never stray from.

The Technology

EverChain UK is creating industry change through a technology-based approach. This approach strengthens compliance and competitive partnerships between sellers, buyers, and their collection agencies. We operate as one collective solution, offering advice, insight, and guidance, both pre-sale and post-sale. 

EverChain UK technology simplifies the process by streamlining due diligence, bidding, and post-sale management. Our platform gives clients access to industry leading intelligence, resulting in unparalleled client oversight and control over their transactions. With EverChain UK, monetising receivables has never been safer or more compliant.

EverChain Leadership Team


Here at EverChain UK, we know that our team is our biggest strength. These individuals are the ones who use our cutting edge technology to deliver an unparalleled experience. Our staff ensure that buyers and sellers alike are provided with all the tools they need throughout the debt sale process, all while protecting consumer data.

Matthew Wratten


Matthew Wratten is a dynamic and visionary leader, driving innovation and transforming the fintech and receivables management industries. His deep technical expertise, strong business acumen, and commitment to delivering value to clients make him a highly respected executive in the financial services and receivables management industry.

Dan Ware

Chief Executive Officer

Dan has been working in fintech, financial services and marketing for the past fifteen years. Since 2012 Dan has been CEO and driving force for award winning businesses in the Financial Services Sector. Dan has been recognised as 2019 Outstanding Young Executive by the Global Business Excellence Awards and one of the Top CEOs in the UK at the CEO Today Awards 2018.

Ramzi Al-Masri

Chief Financial Officer

Ramzi is a Big4 and Top10 trained Chartered Accountant with a strong technical audit and accounting background. Having worked in a Group Commercial Finance role as part of the Head Office of a multinational organisation, Ramzi now brings both technical and commercial finance experience to EverChain as the Chief Finance Officer.

Rob Samuel

Chief Operating Officer

Rob has had a varied career, spending over twelve years across the financial industry, spanning major banks, debt collection and alternative lending. Rob was awarded the Rising Star of the Year award at Credit Strategy’s F5 awards 2017. Spending five years managing the debt sale processes for a direct lender from nose to tail, Rob understands first hand the challenges that lenders face in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

Jennifer Wilson

Chief Compliance Officer

Jennifer Wilson, the Chief Compliance Officer of EverChain UK, has served in various compliance roles for several large third-party collection agencies. Jenn is designated as a Certified Receivables Compliance Professional (CRCP) by the Receivables Management Association (RMA, formally Debt Buyers Association (DBA), as a Credit and Collection Compliance Officer (CCCO) by ACA International and a Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM).

Sam Baxter

Head of Business Relations and HR

Working within the financial services industry for over ten years, Sam has a diverse set of skills. He has studied AAT as well as ACCA, and has developed skills within the health and safety (IOSH registered) and HR sectors. In terms of business relations, within his most recent role, Sam developed key partnerships with suppliers and lead generators, helping to reduce costs and develop stronger relationships.

Pete Tonkin

Business Intelligence

Pete has worked in the financial industry for over twenty years, spending over a decade as a senior analyst and data scientist. Within this time, he has built lending and fraud models for major UK lenders, vastly improving the underwriting process. Pete is a passionate believer that simple models and high quality data deliver the best results for the long term.

Hannah Melvin

Communications Manager

Hannah has a natural drive and ability when it comes to writing content, alongside a wealth of knowledge regarding the financial industry, built up over working in this sector for the last five years. She has experience in marketing across multiple channels, as well as for a range of audiences.

Daniel Hobbs

Audit and Quality Manager

Daniel’s background is in auditing, so his expertise lies in thoroughly researching any aspect of business operations and finding improvement opportunities. He furthermore goes on to devise sustainable solutions to these challenges. Daniel’s dedication and focus means he consistently drives teams to achieve the highest standards of quality. 


EverChain UK believes in supporting our local and global community. Through donations of money and time, we find opportunities to improve the lives of those around us. 

EverChain believes in supporting our local and global community

RMAI Certification Information

  • Certification Number: V1703-1000

  • Mailing Address:2200 Paseo Verde Parkway, Suite 150, Henderson, Nevada 89052

  • E-mail address: compliance@everchain.com

  • Phone number: (888) 461-6161

  • Consumer Resources: rmaintl.org/consumers

  • Compliance Officer: Jennifer Wilson
    Corporate Secretary
    Certification Number:
    Mailing Address:  2200 Paseo Verde Parkway, Suite 150, Henderson, Nevada 89052