Sell Your Defaulted Loans With EverChain UK 

Once a loan defaults, customer experience shouldn’t become less important – if anything, it should become more so.

What are the Benefits of Selling Debt?

When creditors sell defaulted loans, they’ll get an instant cash injection into their business.

With increasing regulatory requirements and the higher costs of customer acquisition, it is now more important than ever for lenders to ensure effective management of their debt portfolios. In many cases, a customer’s outstanding credit becomes too costly and challenging to collect, which is why many lenders pass these cases over to debt purchasers. Working with EverChain UK allows creditors to stop the collections process at the diminishing point of return.

Financial Benefits

The advantages of debt sale include generating instant cash flow from defaulted accounts. Selling with EverChain UK means that these accounts will be transferred in ownership to a debt buyer that specialises in recovering old debt, and has the infrastructure and processes in place to compliantly collect the debt.

Other financial benefits include the fact that debt sale has real and serious consequences for a creditor’s customers. Having such consequences can often increase early collections percentages. Debt sale can also reduce the damage of bad debt to a company, and ensure maximum balance sheet value. This essentially means that creditors can improve their financial performance, whilst also minimising the regulatory, reputational and financial risks associated with debt collection.

Productivity Benefits

In addition to the financial benefits, removing the need to chase debt also reduces a creditor’s collections resource and staffing costs. Working with EverChain UK will furthermore remove the need and resource for regulatory overheads such as annual statements and SNOSIA’s.

In terms of productivity, debt sale should free up the time of a creditor’s collections team, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Staff can concentrate on early collections, rather than futilely chasing old debt. This in turn should increase staff morale.

Why Sell with EverChain?

Why Sell Debt With EverChain UK?

Selling debt with EverChain UK can help creditors not only maximise the value of their defaulted portfolios, but also maintain control over how the debtors are treated post-sale. How consumers are treated throughout the entire collections process, whether it’s with the original creditor or a debt purchaser, will impact their borrowing behaviour in future. It’s therefore essential to keep consumer experience in mind, even after a loan has been defaulted.

Essentially, every part of the customer journey is important. Or, to put it another way, if a link in the EverChain goes missing, the chain breaks. Here at EverChain UK, we understand the key role of consumer satisfaction, and how it impacts the creditor. Selling debt portfolios via our platform can give lenders peace of mind, in terms of how consumers will be treated. Other benefits of working with EverChain UK include:

The Technology

Cutting edge bespoke technology is at the heart of EverChain UK’s debt sale platform. This technology optimises the debt sale process for both creditors and  debt purchasers. There’s nothing else quite like it in the industry – we’re not afraid to become pioneers within the debt sale sphere. 

The EverChain UK platform meets the highest standards of data security compliance too. We minimise risks through end-to-end transaction support, which is all hosted on our multi-functional platform. This platform has been designed to enable debt buyers and sellers to seamlessly interact with portfolios, from pre-bid analysis to post-sale management. 

The debt sale process itself is simple, with a number of helpful tools that make it incredibly straightforward. These include advanced filtering tools, in-depth analysis functionalities, customised listing notifications, triple blind bidding, contract review and negotiation, electronic sale execution, as well as comprehensive post-sale management tools. The latter includes due diligence and maintenance oversight.

The Process

When it comes to the complexities and risks associated with the debt sale process, at EverChain UK, we wanted to streamline this process. The business was built with the aim of overcoming such challenges, ensuring creditors and buyers could compliantly purchase and sell debt portfolios with ease. 

When debt buyers sign up with EverChain UK, they’ll join our Certified Network, which involves completing a comprehensive compliance process. It also means that post-sale, lenders will have complete oversight of their sold portfolios.

Our platform is furthermore designed to market debt portfolios to buyers without sharing any personal identifying information. As we are the stepping stone between the original and secondary creditors, we understand that we have a duty of care to consumers, ensuring that the highest levels of professionalism, compliance and security are met.

The Certified Network of Trusted Debt Buyers

One of the keys to our success is our network of trusted debt purchasers; these buyers must meet the most stringent certification standards when joining our network. The EverChain UK Debt Buyer and Agency Network consists of a number of organisations whose primary focus is the purchasing, management, and recovery of defaulted debt.

In order to join our Certified Network, debt purchasers must complete a comprehensive due diligence package. Buyers must also confirm that they will keep to the EverChain UK compliance requirements, such as agreeing to maintain a record of all communications with the consumer.

The People

While our technology is certainly a phenomenal asset, we know that it’s our people who make all the difference. The team at EverChain UK are here to provide both buyers and sellers everything they need throughout the debt sale process, while always protecting consumer data. 

When it comes to creditors, we help with the due diligence process, provide market insights, and work with sellers to understand their options. Post-sale, we’re always happy to assist with the investigation and resolution of consumer complaints, as well as the continued auditing of debt purchaser compliance standards

The Debt Sale Process

Debt sale isn’t completed in an instant – it’s a process.

In terms of selling defaulted debt portfolios, EverChain UK has made the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Creditors can quickly discover the maximum value of their portfolios, while ensuring all possible inherent risks are avoided. 

To help creditors achieve these goals, EverChain UK have come up with a five step process:

EverChain debt sales process


We’ll let you know what to expect, then help you prepare your portfolio, ready for sale. We want to ensure you maximise the value of your portfolio.

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Next, you can load your portfolio to our platform. Here, you can remove any ineligible accounts from your portfolio, so that they won’t be included in the sale.


Once uploaded, debt buyers in the EverChain UK network will be alerted to the portfolio listing. We’ll be on hand to help purchasers with due diligence, whilst protecting PII.

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You can review buyer due diligence packages and select the buyer that best suits your needs. We’ll assist with the sale itself and with delivering the final unmasked file.

Post-Sale Support

After the sale is complete, EverChain UK will provide you with the technology and support to manage all post-sale obligations and interactions with the buyer.

Discover the Value of Your Defaulted Portfolios.