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When it comes to debt sale, the highest bid shouldn’t be the only priority. Customer experience and compliance have to be the biggest concerns. These will often dictate whether there are any post-sale compliance risks, which can lead to refunded accounts. Creditors can rest assured that EverChain UK holds itself to the highest standard, and they can expect unparalleled levels of compliance. Buyers must join our Certified Network before they can bid on a creditor’s portfolio, so they will undoubtedly be reputable and trustworthy.

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Who Are EverChain UK?

After seeing unprecedented success in the USA, EverChain decided to launch a UK branch: EverChain UK. Across these two branches, the primary aim has always been to create a truly compliance-focused debt sale platform.

Here at EverChain UK, we help lenders and other credit providers sell debt compliantly and securely.

We furthermore enable creditors to manage and monetise their portfolios via our bespoke, sophisticated and secure platform.

EverChain UK isn’t simply a finance broker. We are a team of experienced debt sale specialists, working to empower both groups and individuals when it comes to compliance. Our expertise can help creditors optimise their recovery strategy, whilst also protecting their consumers, brand, and bottom line.

Who is EverChain
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Selling Debt With EverChain UK

EverChain UK is a debt sale platform, not your average financial broker.

Here at EverChain UK, we’re ahead of the curve. While traditional brokers certainly have a place in the financial sphere, our cutting edge technology and market-leading innovations put us at the forefront of the debt sale industry.

Through our debt sale process, creditors can optimise their revenue, whilst mitigating risk. Creditors can additionally monitor every account they sell, as well as manage the overall consumer experience. The facility to review network compliance trends furthermore allows creditors to make the most informed decisions. Such comprehensive compliance oversight cannot be found elsewhere.

Join the EverChain UK Debt Buyer Network

Gain access to numerous debt portfolios from trusted lenders with EverChain UK.

Debt purchasers can demonstrate their commitment to compliance when they join EverChain UK’s Certified Buyer Network. We make compliance our top priority, ensuring that each organisation within our UK network adheres to the rules and regulations set out by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Not only this, but joining our network means that debt buyers will gain access to a wide range of high quality debt portfolios, as well a team of experts to support them prior to, and post, sale. 

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