5 Whys of Debt Sales Webinar

Innovation stage online presents: The five whys of debt sales

Are you a creditor considering selling your non-performing loans on the secondary market? There are 5 key questions to ask yourself when evaluating the benefits and risks of selling debt. In this timely and informative webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of industry leaders who will discuss the 5 Whys of Debt Sales in detail. You’ll gain powerful insights into mitigating risk, ensuring compliance oversight, and optimizing ROI when selling debt. You will also learn best practices that will set you and your business up for success as you optimize recovery efforts.

View the Recording below by clicking on the image.

1. Why Sell Debt?
2. Why Use a Broker?
3. Why Oversight and Compliance?
4. Why Technology?
5. Why Now?

Learning Objectives

• The innerworkings of the debt selling and buying processes
• What it takes to compliantly buy and sell debt to mitigate risk
• The questions to ask yourself when considering selling debt


• Daniel Green, Chief Revenue Officer at EverChain
• Jenn Wilson, President & Chief Compliance Officer at EverChain
• Adam Parks, Chief Marketing Officer at Plaza Services
• Todd Johnsen, Director of Vendor Management at Snap! Finance

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